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No Relief, The Flop Streak Continues

No Relief, The Flop Streak Continues

Raj Tarun pinned high hopes on Orey Bujjiga to put an end to his disastrous streak.

The film was out on Aha as it skipped theatrical release like many other movies in recent times. Response from viewers has been poor and the film has got disappointing reviews from the critics.

Raj Tarun is still doing his bit to promote the movie and help it get as many views as it can before the ‘fresh release’ buzz subsides.

In fact, Raj Tarun believed Orey Bujjiga to be a hit at the box office, which is why the makers didn’t opt for direct to digital release until September.

We will never know how it would have performed in B and C centers, but going by the initial response from the OTT audience, Orey Bujjiga ends up as a big disappointment.

Raj Tarun was hoping to do more content for OTT if Orey Bujjiga clicks with the streaming audience. 

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