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What happened in Hyd is absolutely shameful: Kohli

What happened in Hyd is absolutely shameful: Kohli

A 27-year-old veterinarian was allegedly raped and brutally murdered in Telangana's Shadnagar town on Wednesday.

The victim, who was on her way back home from a regular medical check-up in Gachibowli, Hyderabad, was gang-raped and murdered before her body was set ablaze by the accused.

The heinous crime has left the whole country in a state of shock and dismay. 

People have been expressing their outrage on social media with the issue of women's safety once again putting the system at shame.

The police have arrested 4 accused who have been sent into judicial custody after several truck drivers and cleaners were questioned in the area regarding the case.

Indian cricket team captain Virat Kohli also expressed his anger on Twitter and called the gruesome murder a shameful incident.

"What happened in Hyderabad is absolutely shameful. It's high time we as a society take charge and put an end to these inhumane tragedies," Kohli tweeted.

The woman had gone missing on Wednesday night when she last made a call to her sister to inform her about the punctured tyre of her vehicle.

She had taken a cab to visit a dermatologist in Gachibowli and parked her scooty near the Tondupally toll plaza. Upon returning, she found out one of the tyres of her vehicle was punctured.

Her sister revealed that the victim had given her a call around 9:45 PM on Wednesday to inform about the punctured tyre.

She also said that she was not feeling comfortable as some men were continuously staring at her. She had asked her sister to stay on call for a while. On Thursday, her charred body was found under a culvert.

The four accused have been sent to judicial custody for 14 days after the order from the Mandal Executive Magistrate (MRO) passed the orders in Telangana's Shadnagar.

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