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Viral Pic: TDP Flags at Convocation Ceremony In USA

Viral Pic: TDP Flags at Convocation Ceremony In USA

A picture is going viral in WhatsApp groups and social media. This is the scene at a convocation ceremony of a university in the USA located in Connecticut. 

Some Telugu students belonging to a particular 'community' have displayed TDP flags at their convocation event, though it's not at all relevant to the occasion. 

The Sacred Heart University authorities didn't understand what some students were doing and ignored it. 

This act was done, and the pictures were taken intentionally to circulate on social media, to show how some students in the USA are wishing for TDP to be back in power in AP. 

Responding to this, Kavya Vallabhaneni, a second-generation Telugu youth who was born and brought up in the USA, says, "How ludicrous! How long will you people do this kind of nonsense? Moreover, I see this mania only in first-generation Telugus who come here. We, the Telugu people who are born and brought up here, hate it and laugh at it." 

Reacting to the same viral picture, a social media post says, "This is the reason why the rest of the Telugu communities hate TDP. In fact, TDP has been losing its place in the minds of the people only because of the over action of this particular community."


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