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'To All Telugu Movie EXHIBHITORS in USA'

'To All Telugu Movie EXHIBHITORS in USA'

First of all We thank Great Andhra for publishing this note and feeling responsible about our community.

We have been hearing lot of fraudulent things about the US Movie Distributors who are cheating the US Exhibitors.

Not all distributors are doing this acts but many are doing this which is effecting our young Telugu generation people in the states.

If you are victim and have faced the below issues, please contact us we are going to approach the authorities with all the information to end this.

If the same movie rights was sold to two people?

If you are not being paid back your money after the movie run?

If they are troubling you to pay your money back and not showing you the collections report or any other issues you have faced?

Contact us immediately.

We need to stop this and save our community.

Contact Details:
Licensed in California + US Federal District Court

Fremont Office:
39812 Mission Blvd., Suite 208
Fremont, CA 94539.

Oakland Office:
125 12th Street, Suite 100-Bali
Oakland, CA 94607.

Phone: 650-285-2389

Press release by: Indian Clicks, LLC



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