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The Glory of Sri Vari Kalyana Mahotsavam in America

The Glory of Sri Vari Kalyana Mahotsavam in America

Tirupati Tirumala Devasthanam (TTD) and Andhra Pradesh Non Resident Telugu Society (APNRTS) in collaboration with various Hindu & Telugu associations of expatriate Indians, organizing Srivari Kalyana Mahotsavam in several cities across USA.

TTD Chairman Sri YV Subba Reddy garu and his wife Smt YV Swarnalatha garu will attend the event. Lord Venkateswara kalaynam event will start in San Francisco Bay Area on June 18 and will be held in cities including Seattle, Dallas, St Louis, New Orleans, Washington DC, Atlanta and Alabama.

TTD has been taking revolutionary initiatives to spread the nobleness & spiritual supremacy of Sanatana Dharma across the World. From kashmir to kanya kumari Sri vari temples are being built by TTD, glorifying Sri Venkateswara Swamy holiness and making his auspicious darshan accessible to everyone in the country. Several Activities that are undertook by TTD with the face of Hindu dharma prachara parishad are yielding exceptional results.

Due to the outbreak of COVID pandemic, devotees of Lord Venkateswara Swamy in USA could not visit Tirumala for the past 2 and half years. Recently TTD Chairman Sri YV Subba Reddy has announced the massive event of Srivari Kalyanotsavam in several cities across USA. He further added that as per the directions of AP CM Sri YS Jagan Mohan Reddy, TTD decided to organise this event for the devotees in USA.

AP Govt Special Representative for North America Rathnakar  pandugayala welcomed AP CM Ys jagan & TTD's initiative & expressed his happiness in this regard. He said that the entire Hindu fraternity in USA is eager to make the event grand success. He further added that with the advent of Shri YV Subbareddy, an avid devotee of Lord balaji as the Chairman of TTD, many revolutionary reforms were implemented for the better management of TTD Temples.

Rathnakar recalled that many accolades were showered upon TTD over it's measures for sanitation and beautification on the Tirumala Hill. Prioritizing the interests of common devotees, TTD put restrictions over discretionary quota Darshans enabling more devotees to have Srivari Darshanam.


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