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The 100k Minimum Salary for H1B Employees

The 100k Minimum Salary for H1B Employees

On March 31st, 2017 a memo was released by USCIS stating that entry level IT positions are no longer eligible for the H1B Visa except in rare cases like research assistants and internships in large firms.

On June 30th, 2017 the Department of Labor increased the H1B prevailing wages without much fanfare.

Employers began to understand the connection between the two issues only after cap cases, amendments and extensions were hit by Level 1 wage RFE’s. These RFE’s stated that senior IT positions should be offered a minimum of Level 2 wage.

The Level 2 wage for the most commonly used H1B job title “Software Developer, Applications” (used for Java, .Net and other developers) is $102,669 for San Francisco area and $92,768 for Jersey City.

Many employers have understood that the $60k minimum H1B wage days are over. Some low billing H1B employees have been laid off and the employers have adjusted the salaries of the employees according to the new prevailing wage rate.

However, the new prevailing wage rates are only valid till June 30th, 2018. In the current climate, the chances of prevailing wages increasing by another 5-8k is still very high. This will bring the salaries of many H1B employees close to 100k depending on the region where they work.

The new administration is indirectly enforcing a 100k salary regulation without any bill or legislation being passed by congress.

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