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Sensational Android Game on Trees by Telugiet

Sensational Android Game on Trees by Telugiet

Do you love to grow trees and plants? Do you care about environment and nature? If your answer is YES, then you MUST try this latest sensational game called Seed Shooter.

This is a fun shooter game where you shoot the seeds in to the pots to grow the trees & plants. Developers have designed this game as an attempt to create an interest towards growing the trees to fight against the global warming and environmental pollution.

Because of the positive game play of growing trees and also because of the excellent information provided about trees in the form of ‘Did you know facts’, you will be surely motivated to grow trees. In fact, it is believed that, by the end of playing all the levels in this game, you will surely grow at least a plant.

With its noble cause of spreading the interest of growing trees, Seed Shooter game has already received overwhelming and positive response from all its players. Surprisingly, the developers of this game are from a small village in Andhra Pradesh!

You can download this Amazing Seed Shooter game from below link (it is a FREE game) and also share this game with all your friends as a contribution towards ‘Growing and Saving Trees’.

“The best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago. The second best time is now”.

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