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Opinion: CBN can defy people but not the Lord

Opinion: CBN can defy people but not the Lord

The state is going through a transformation. I should rather say bad to worse. The human values keep denigrating, thanks to the nominated powers.

As the days pass it is becoming evident that the Chief Minister is imposing his superlative powers upon the God, leave alone the common man. His restlessness and anxiety is at the crossroads, thus finding means to evade his shortcomings.

A man who was once upon named as the architect of the state is at the mercy of his zealot thoughts and actions.

A master manipulator of his own words, he could defy all norms to get his word out. I never fantasized my caste until this CM reminded me of what I am. Not just him - his party, his so-called followers and supporters have always run down other castes.

NTR who started this superiority complex had differences with Dr. M. Balamuralikrishna, then CBN on to IYR and now with the TTD Chief Priest Ramana Deekshitulu.

While NTR succumbed to Balamuralikrishna, the current CM sees politics in every molecule. Back in the day the same personality would provide a red-carpet welcome to the BJP leaders and expected all to follow a similar protocol.

Now that he wants to retain power in 2019 he has parted away from the BJP and treats them Britishers (in his personified language).

One would only wonder his stooping down and assaulting with stone pelting on Amit Shah, the BJP national president (a party that is ruling over 20 states out of the 29), and in order to cover the obvious he has diverted his ire towards a person who offered to serve the Lord throughout his life.

Ramana Deekshitulu despite having a Ph.D. in Molecular Biology went back to his ancestral profession of serving Lord Venkateswara and never ceases an opportunity of being at the Holy feet.

His ruling of no dynastic priests across the state is entirely uncalled, unwarranted and slouched to say the least.

Ramana Deekshitulu’s ancestral have been practicing as Archakas since centuries, and to deprive Him is amounting to gross prejudice.

A straight question from my heart, would he be willing to dismantle the dynastic politics that he has initiated. His son Lokesh, who never won publicly has been made a minister and is considered a de facto CM. Would he dare keep his son away from politics.  

The entire Archaka community, and all other castes should boycott such heinous decisions that are politically motivated and centered towards opportunist politics.

In a way, he should be shown exit doors in 2019 and remind him that he is under the mercy of the Lord Venkateswara and any such adverse action would bring him ill fame.

All but I could do is pray the Lord to prevail some good sense on this ill-fated person and remind him of the adage ‘Dharmo Rakshati Rakshitah’!

- Gothra (Bharadwajasa), Pravara (Angeerasamu), Veda (Yajurvedam) from Dallas

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