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Latest Research: How Far Vaccine Saves From Covid Infection?

Latest Research: How Far Vaccine Saves From Covid Infection?

Vaccination has been going on across the world in respective countries. India is one of the worst hit countries with the second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic where the vaccination is going at a very slow pace due to the low production capacity of the respective vaccine manufacturing companies.

But so far, many people have got vaccinated. The frontline workers, medical staff and police personnel were given both the doses of vaccines almost two months ago. Coming to the general public, the vaccine shots were already given to a large chunk. Some have taken the first dose and await the second jab this month.

The research is done on the Covid infected patients among the vaccinated lot. It is revealed that the cases of infection among the vaccinated crowds is very low. But the few cases that are reported are with only asymptomatic, mild or managable symptoms.

The research carried in UP State says that over 95% of the vaccinated positives showed zero to mild symptoms, while another 3.5% had to go to a medical care facility with oxygen support. Almost all among that small percentage are coming home happily in a day or two responding well to the treatment, leaving a rare exception. 

Not even a considerable number of people who are vaccinated are dying due to Covid-19 infection. Even though there are one in a myriad cases, the reasons can be attributed to their other comorbidities, age factor, ability to respond to the medical support etc. Such cases are almost negligible which says that vaccination is a must for all the people living on the planet without exceptions.

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