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Khabadar Anam and Botsa: USA YSR Fans

Los Angeles: In a bid to appease the Delhi leaders, Minister Anam Ramanarayana Reddy and Botsa put their foot in their mouth by making a damaging statement against late YSR and YS Jagan. It's alright to take some liberties while expressing views. However, it doesn't mean that you give your views without giving it a thought!

Looks like Anam hasn't learnt his lessons from his colleagues' past experiences. Else, why would he make controversial statements that too against a person who has such a political strength in the state?

YSfanclub President Veera Reddy Nandyala demanded the both the Ministers to withdraw their comments and apologize to the YSR family. "Anam brothers had tried to grab the attention of YS Jagan many times including celebrating Jagan’s birthday in Nellore with huge cutouts. After YSR's death, Anam brothers had made a comment that the State would remain an open furnace if Jagan was denied the post of Chief Minister. By making this type of remarks now, What message you want to convey to the people of your district?," asked Veera Reddy adding that all the Congress leaders plans would fall flat as they(YSR fans) are very much behind YS Jagan Mohan Reddy and would teach a fitting lesson to them in the next elections.

This is exactly mind games of the Congress leaders to trouble YS Jagan and project him in bad light. He said the entire state has expressed deep resentment against the duo. Thanks to YSR and YS Jagan's supporters, Who made it clear that the hard way and had to pay a heavy price for any damaging statement against YSR.

"I hear everybody expressing their anger and anguish over Anam and Botsa's remarks on YSR family. We have been stridently voicing our rage and demanding the leaders to withdraw their remarks." Veera Reddy said remembering YSR's relentless work for the benefit of the poor.

What prompted Anam and Botsa to react against Jagan?
Anam would be dropped from the Finance portfolio and another person (Adala prabhakara Reddy from Nellore) would be inducted in the Cabinet to check Anam. And, a cold war between Kiran Kumar Reddy and Anam as the latter was eyeing on the Chief Minister post. With his rude comments on YS Jagan and his family members, Anam wished to convey a message to the party’s Central leadership that he has not love towards late YSR and his family. He also wanted to prove that he was more aggressive than Kiran Kumar Reddy against Jagan. It’s all to save his existing position. Moreover, Anam even couldn't see his brother's announcement of joining the YSRCP.

It is also learnt that instead of shielding ‘tainted’ ministers, the Congress leaders decided to blame Jagan and corner him over corruption charges. Now, it is everyone's guess that the Congress leaders will go all out in attacking Jagan same like Anam. It is public knowledge that whenever Jagan applies for a bail petition, one or the other issue will be brought to fore just to divert attention. Botsa backed Anam just to impress the Congress High Command.

We remember AICC vice-president Rahul Gandhi's 'one man, one post’ rule here and following this, the first person to be affected by this rule is none other than PCC chief Botsa. Just to retain his posts and to get some political mileage, the liquor don has no option other than criticizing people's leaders YSR and his son YS Jagan, Said Veera Reddy.

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