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Godavari is all set to flow in Phoenix, AZ this Weekend

Godavari is all set to flow in Phoenix, AZ this Weekend

Godavari, the most reputed brand of South Indian restaurants chain is today's world is now flowing to the City of Phoenix, AZ on this Saturday of January 20th, 2018.

As you all know, Godavari is one of the fastest growing brand making their way across the globe and spreading the aroma.

Godavari Phoenix, is a uniquely designed restaurant with a South Indian village theme and a feel of grand-mother's home. The ambience will take you to the ride back home and also the village flavors from Godavari would be mesmerizing.

The location would be a huge plus as it is just a few miles away from Corporate Hub of American Express, AAA and many other. The Indian community is widely located just around the restaurant.

"Team" Godavari rolled out a brand called "KIRAAAK" which is an amazing modern concept of Indian food and they opened their first location in the city of Salt Lake, Utah.

As you all know they already have "Spicy Salaa" - The food trucks in Boston which serve Harvard and many areas in Boston.

"We have been hearing the news that Godavari is coming to Phoenix but don't know when. We are deserted without proper tastes of Indian food especially South Indian. Everybody we meet are talking about Godavari. We really wish they would make a difference here and we would be their first customers when they open" says Ravi and Sheela Mehtani whom we found shopping in an Indian grocery store in Phoenix.

Godavari Phoenix will be opening with their "Grand Gala" Buffet with enticing dishes like "Idly Chat", "Goddu Karam Rice", "Mamidikaya Mamsam Koora", "Samaram", “Samosa Pulusu”, "KorameenuTandoori" and a lot more to allure the food lovers.

"Godavari is more than a food business to us. It is a package of Dedication, Passion, Team Work, Innovation and we are happy that we are feeding more than 10000 customers in our 22 locations till date. Every new team member is an asset to us and we are in talks with lot of enthusiasts who want to get Godavari to their country across the world." says Koushik Koganti.

Murali Jampani and Sam Mendu, the owners of Godavari Phoenix say, "We are really amazed and privileged to join the "Team" to serve Phoenix with this concept. We are really thankful to Godavari for picking us as they had a huge number of aspirants reached out to them to bring Godavari to Phoenix.”

“We would honestly do our best to serve the community here & We are sure that Godavari Phoenix will be the Best South Indian restaurant in Arizona.”

"Team" Godavari says they have many more amazing concepts that are going to roll out in this year and we are going Global and trying to get better every day.

Please come and enjoy our South Indian delicacy in Godavari Phoenix.

PHOENIX, AZ 85023.
Ph: 602-795-5059

Please Contact:
Murali Jampani

Ph: 330-285-0990

Thanks again…. Hope you all enjoy our cooking….

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