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Georgia for 12th ATA Conference in 2012

Georgia for 12th ATA Conference in 2012

Las Vegas: Annual ATA Board meeting was held on January, 8th 2011 in Las Vegas, Nevada under the leadership of Mr.Madhava Reddy, President. Besides the board members a large number of attendees from across USA attended the event. In the morning session outgoing Board discussed on various ATA activities and approved reports from president/secretary for year 2010 along with approving various committee reports.

Later Outgoing President Mr.Madhava Reddy passed on the gavel to incoming President Dr. Rajender Jinna who will be president for year 2011-2011 term. After taking over as ATA President, President Jinna conducted elections for the executive committee and following individuals were elected for corresponding positions:
President-Elect: Karunakar Madhavaram
Secretary: Ram Mohan Konda
Joint Secretery: Ananth Reddy Pajjur
Treasurer: Satyanarayan Reddy Kandimalla
Jt Treasurer: Ram Toomukuntla
The new Board under the leadership of new President Mr.Rajender Jinna adopted a execution plan for 2011 with a main focus on community service to all Telugu people. New Board also appointed chairs for various standing committees and identified individuals for regional coordinators for cities all across US.

The Board also debated about other ATA business matters including future conference site. After deliberating over different cities, the ATA Board unanimously selected Atlanta to host 2012 conference during July 6Th weekend, 2012. For more information about the 2012 conference and forth coming ATA activities please visit website at