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Ganesh Nimajjanam goes hi-tech in Dallas

Ganesh Nimajjanam goes hi-tech in Dallas

Parkside a premier community in Dallas is leading by example with innovative ideas. The neighborhood largely owned by Indian Americans conducts Ganesh festival with much pomp and gaiety each year.

The Pooja, cultural performances and other aspects are meticulously planned each year. The planning starts three months prior which involves many resident volunteers. During the festival days food is either offered by residents or by vendors from Dallas.

The residents conduct Pooja with utmost devotion for the welfare of the mankind. Each day besides the Ganesha Pooja, special chanting an are conducted such as Vishnusahasra nama, Srimad Bhagwad Gita parayana etc. Also encouraging the next generation kids many cultural performances are conducted to show a flair of how festivals are conducted in India.

This year the special attraction was Tesla Lights show. Around 55 Tesla cars (all owned by residents) performed Deva Shree Ganesha song from the movie Agneepath 2 as a respect to the Lord Ganesha. This was part of the immersion procession which takes around 17 hours across the neighborhood.

As the song progressed devotion filled the air and everyone irrespective of the age thoroughly enjoyed the show.

The residents thanked the Parkside resident organizers and hoped to see such innovative ideas in the future!


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