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Employment Background Checks - HRChex.com

Employment Background Checks - HRChex.com

Finding qualified employees for your company is always a challenge. “And what you see is not always what you get.” Background checks play a vital role in finding and selecting the right employees for your organization. 

Having the right employees will help you to build TRUST with your clients. Looking at our current insecure world we better served to exercise more caution now rather than feeling sorry later. 

There are six important factors for any background check to give you a complete understanding of the candidate. The six factors are:

1. Nationwide & Federal Criminal as well as County Civil background history.

2. Employment and Education history.

3. Address and Driving history.

4. Drug Test.

5. I-9 / E-verify (Remote I-9 if required).

6. Credit History (If position requires). 

1. Nationwide & Federal Criminal as well as County Civil, as well background history.

Normally, this search gives complete information about the criminal activities of a candidate by searching nationwide, federal and county databases. It also provides a search from the office of the Inspector General and the office of Foreign Assets Control, including sex offender database and address traces. 

In addition, researchers will perform work on a candidate’s background to determine if there are any adverse activities on county level through county criminal and civil court searches. County criminal and civil searches are normally not instant searches. 

2. Employment and Education history

Employment and education searches are normally a slower process due to the fact that researchers will call to verify this information. Sometimes this requires international education and employment verification for 7 years. 

3. Address and Driving history

Using a social security number and driver’s license number, the search will give a complete history of a candidate about his/her stay in different states and counties. The vast majority of these types of searches will provide instantaneous results. 

4. Drug Test

Drug tests are conducted by a third-party administrator before a formal job offer made. This is an important aspect of truly understanding the candidate. There are many companies who offer drug testing capabilities. One example is Quest Diagnostics which is widely used for drug screening. Typically, their results are available in 4 hours or less. 

5. I-9 / E-verify

Form I-9, officially the Employment Eligibility Verification, is a United States Citizenship and Immigration Services form. Mandated by the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986, it is used to verify the identity and legal authorization to work for all paid employees in the United States. If you are unable to verify records physically you can opt for Remote I-9 verification service. 

6. Credit History

Very few clients require a credit history to be verified. There are however; instances where it is necessary, such as positions encompassing financial control. 

How HRChex.com can help:

HRChex is a cloud-based background verification system with salient features.

1) Easy to register and easy to invite the applicant to get mandatory authorization from employee.

2) Mobile app-based HR administrator access to background checks.

3) Text alert-based system to remind submissions & status updates

4) Responses - Quick, fast and reliable so that you can trust and submit candidate quickly to the client.

5) Affordable – Cost effectiveness is important.

6) Compliant and secured. Need to check that application is FCRA compliant and secured since there is sensitive data being submitted. 

Conducting background checks should not just be an option anymore in the recruitment process, it should be standard practice. It is a very important factor to providing the correct and qualified resource needed. It is the best way for you to serve your client and HRChex can help you. 

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For more information about HRChex, you can email: james@hrchex.com or phone: 469-595-7085 www.HRChex.com 

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