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Covid-19: India's All Time Low In Last Six Months

Covid-19: India's All Time Low In Last Six Months

The pandemic fear is not over, but the curve is getting flattened in India from the last few weeks. 

The number of cases are getting reduced week by week and yesterday it was 12,482 new positive cases as per https://www.worldometers.info. This number proves to be all time low after June 17th 2020 when the total number of positive cases was recorded to be 12,881. 

Though the world wished to see the flattened curve since June 2020, that never happened but the graph kept on sliding upwards in the subsequent months. 

The downward trend is seen in the past few days and if the deceleration trend continues to be at the same pace (without any surprises), then the nation may get rid of corona cases by May 2021. 

Despite no vaccination in India and the heavy commotion at malls, restaurants and election campaigns in some places the cases aren't increasing much. 

The credit can be attributed to the government of India and the respective state governments that proved to be successful in bringing awareness and explaining the combating measures among the public over the pandemic. 

Still, the pandemic is not gone and the measures like maintaining social distance, using masks and sanitizers are mandatory to help the nation to see better times soon. 

Children being at home and the work-from-home method being followed by almost all the software companies are also helping the nation to fight the virus.

Besides, the herd immunity seems to be showing its might as well. The Corona strain be it first or the second one, the government and the majority people are successfully keeping it away as of now.

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