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Counting Day with YS Sharmila in Los Angeles

Counting Day with YS Sharmila in Los Angeles

Some of the longest, arduous journeys are the most memorable.

Some of the unforgettable wounds of life are the most inspiring.

Some of the most enduring nightmares spring a new morning.

The loss of Dr. YS Rajasekhara Reddy, has left a soul wrenching vacuum.

Every Telugu soul stirred with anguish.

And from this nightmare was born a new morning sun, Y S Jaganmohan Reddy.

He became an instant connect for Telugus.

Delhi couldn't  bare his popularity and jailed him with bogus cases.

A large segment of self-seeking media ran an open public trial and called him guilty.

In October 2012 a less known young woman, who had never been in public life, stepped out of her home. She was the darling child of YSR. She lived a very protected and enclosed life. She was not brought up to be in the wilderness of scathing attacks. She was vulnerable to a very aggressive and negative political and media environment. She was not parented to take this journey. But she was unflinching in her love for her brother. This is what she said before she took up the 3200 km Padayatra: “Nenu, mee Rajanna koothurni. Nenu mee Jagananna chellelini. Na peru Sharmila. Nenu Jagananna vadilina Baanaanni.”

Scorching heat, bellowing summer winds, drenching rains, torn ligaments… painful distance from husband Anil and her children Raja and Anjali… nothing stopped her conviction to keep Jagan alive in the hearts of the people. From hamlet to hamlet she carried the torch that was aglow with YSR’s loving soul. From village to village she touched humanity like no one ever did. It was a bigger ‘Yagnam’ then her Father took up. She touched people and they blossomed with hope. ‘Rajanna Koothuru’ was a great hit among the people.

After Jagan returned, she was the star campaigner in the recent elections. She tore the opposition into tatters. Exposed their lies. Revealed their unholy alliances. Demolished their evil designs. 

Yes! This is the same Sharmila, who wouldn’t step out of home. 

Yes! This is the same Sharmila, who is like one of our own daughters, protected and loved.

Yes! She is the same Sharmila, who never expected anything from her brother, and just gave without bounds. 

Yes! She is the same Sharmila, who is in Los Angeles celebrating the counting day with us in Los Angeles.

NRIs of America celebrate counting day with Y S Sharmila.

Be there, and tell her that you celebrate the courage, spirit and love of a woman.

The Venue: On 15th May from 7.00 pm onwards Sheraton Cerritos Hotel, 12725 Center Court Drive, Cerritos, CA 90703

For additional information about YS Sharmila’s Los Angeles program, please contact ysrcpoverseas@gmail.com



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