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Bayarea YSRCP Celebrates Dr YSR 68th Jayanthi

Bayarea YSRCP Celebrates Dr YSR 68th Jayanthi

Late Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh Dr. YS Rajasekhar Reddy 68th Jayanthi celebrations was conducted in big way by Bayarea YSRCP workers and fans on July 8th Saturday in Sunnyvale while YSRCP plenary is going on at Vijayawada.

The venue was decorated with YSRCP tricolored Ribbons and flags, the invitees started arriving venue by 12 noon, the movement they saw YSR patriot, they went into deep breath and remembered his emotional, personal attachments to them or their families, Ayyappa who benefited from YSR fee re-imbursement program was controlling his tears said due him program only I am in America today I am lifelong thankful to YSR.  

Famous movie “Karuna Mayudu” hero Vijaya Chander and Dr. Lakireddy HanimiReddy garu are Chief guests for the ceremony.

The program was kicked-off by lightening up by guests along with all organizing committee, harinder invited Vijay Chander to speak about YSR.

Vijaya Chander said Dr. Prakasam panthulu was shown power of telugu people to Britishers, while Dr. YST regime Telugu Community value has spread around the world, he told it’s his pleasure to be part of this program and thankful to organizers.

Dr. LakiReddy said Dr. YSR is only the leader of Andhra Pradesh who won hearts of all sector people with his popular welfare schemes and appreciated Bayarea team for conducting such a great program consistently since 2007, he also said Dr. Rajasekhar Redy garu visited his place Merced in 2003, he honored him in San Jose when YSR visited as C.M. in 2007.

Rethvik invited well know persons like David, RamaRao, Appireddy, narsimha, Amar, Venkat Subbareddy, Ankireddy, Siva, Sahadev, Anand sirisilla, Venkat sudula, Pradeep, Dharmaraju, Radha, Parvathi, Shesha Reddy, Narendra, Hari arranagu, Hariprasad, karunakar, Samudra, Ravi, to pray Dr. YSR portrait on stage.

Suresh Vuyyuru, well known BayareaYSRCP leader who dedicates lot of his time for integrating YSRCP followers around Bayarea spoke on the occasion, said he and the team of people working party since 2007, started their journey in congress there was no NRI activity from Andhra Pradesh congress earlier than 2009, this team was one first time invited ministers with the great help from Dr. Lakireddy, and would continue their efforts to do Indian Independence Day, YSRCP followers family picnics, Diwali celebrations etc., moving forward the team would like to conduct more family cultural program and requested everyone to support them.

Rama Krishan Reddy dedicated ysr follower, Chennakesava, Praveena, Dr. raghava spoken in the event, Dr. Raghava said it’s not very easy to spend time here in United states to build such great YSR fans platform and very thankful to this Bayarea team for spending such a scarifying life for YSR fans community.

Great reception was given by Sita Reddy, jagadeesh, delicious food was served by Naresh Konduru and Srinivas Pabbuleti. Veera Suravarapu, anil tanked chief guests, Mohan, Sudula, Niraja for their support for the program.

Thirupathi, Penchal reddy, Surendra, Bhoopal, Krishna reddy,Satya konda, Mallik,laxma, Ravi, bharath, narendra, bhaskar attended the event.

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