Telugu Indian Idol S3: Grand Gala, Talent bash

Telugu Indian Idol S3: Grand Gala, Talent bash

The Telugu Indian Idol 3 Grand Gala, featuring the top 12 singers, has set a new benchmark for Telugu reality shows. Each contestant delivered spectacular performances that captivated both the audience and judges.

The Chennai Strings Orchestra performed a breathtaking tribute to Indian cinema music. Composer Thaman and young prodigy Skanda added dynamic energy with their duet. Thaman also shared the heartfelt inspiration behind his song "Maguva Maguva," dedicated to his mother.

In a touching moment, Karthik sent a video of Sri Kerthi's performance to Ilaiyaraaja, who acknowledged the young artist's talent.

The show also featured a unique role reversal with singer Keerthana giving a music lesson to judge Karthik, showcasing the next generation of talent.

This Grand Gala, blending legendary maestros and emerging singers, created a memorable musical extravaganza and heightened expectations for the season.

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