Preservative-Free Pickles, Just Like the Old Days

Preservative-Free Pickles, Just Like the Old Days

At, we prepare pickles and powders using a traditional stone-grinding process under strict hygiene standards. We do not use any preservatives. We start preparing the pickle only after receiving the order to ensure you enjoy the utmost freshness.

Our Karivepaku Karam pays homage to tradition with its blend of curry leaves, Guntur red chilies, and aromatic spices. Gongura Pickle is a prideful creation originating from Guntur, blending premium Gongura leaves with an array of traditional spices and ingredients.

Stone ground Spice powders at we start with roasting these ingredients individually to release their unique flavors and aromas. Afterward, they are ground into a coarse or fine powder, usually using a Mortar and Pestle.

From spicy summer blends to tangy winter flavors, each jar is a journey through the changing seasons.


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