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Viral: Renu Desai Engaged

Viral: Renu Desai Engaged

First, there was her conversation on a television channel about wanting to get married despite all the hate talk by Pawan Kalyan fans.

At that time, she said she was concerned about the baggage that the new man in her life will have to partake in at least for a while.

Then came an Instagram picture of her holding the hand of a man. Naturally, there was a lot of speculation as the conversation about her wanting to remarry had sparked a huge conversation on the internet back in the day.

But the strong lady has finally showed that she is indeed a person of action. Despite the picture, she did not divulge any details about the man in question.

Now, she has broken another news. Renu Desai has announced that she is engaged. However, this time too, she has not divulged who the man is or where he is from or what he does.

Looking at the speed at which she is posting pictures, it looks like she will get married secretly and then reveal details about the man.

Of late, another incident happened. Pawan Kalyan's elder son Akira was seen in Vijayawada during the house-warming ceremony of Pawan Kalyan.

Along with Anna Lezhneva, Akira was also seen with power star. While there was speculation around this sudden appearance, it was later found out that Renu Desai's engagement was the reason.

At the time, however, Renu Desai said he had gone to Vijayawada to spend his holidays with his dad. But she got engaged during his absence.

Now, when she gets married, it remains to be seen who Akira will live with.



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