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Video: Priyanka Thrown Off Running Van?

Priyanka Chopra is going great guns in Hollywood and is getting too busy in the showbiz world in the West. Each of her activities are closely watched and circulated on social media.

A video, which shows Chopra being pushed off a running van is the latest news.

Russell Tovey, Chopra's co-star in Quantico, an American TV show, is the one who is seen pushing Chopra off the vehicle. Chopra is seen yelling and then Russell pushes her.

The whole episode turns out to be a playful prank in the end when Chopra's feet is still visible after she falls off the vehicle and her laughs are heard aloud.

We come to know it was not the vehicle that was moving fast, but a screen behind it. The video is receiving comments galore for the stupendous acting by Chopra and Russel and is being widely shared on social media.



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