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Tweet Review: 'Jai Simha', first day, first show

Tweet Review: 'Jai Simha', first day, first show

No one except diehard fans of Balakrishna took Jai Simha seriously until Agnyaathavaasi bombed at the box office.

With Agnyathavasi failing miserably, focus is now shifted to Balakrishna’s mass masala Jai Simha directed by KS Ravi Kumar.

Nothing about the film has excited cinephiles, but we can never underestimate the mass power of Balakrishna.

When Mrugaraju and Narasimhanaidu clashed at the box office, not many believed Balakrishna’s film to conquer the throne and Chiranjeevi’s film to bite the dust.

Agnyaathavaasi stole all the limelight away from other Sankranthi films until its result was out. Can Balakrishna pull off a blockbuster like Narasimhanaidu with Jai Simha?

Greatandhra brings to you the Jai Simha experience and all the excitement of this gripping fare live via tweet review.

Jai Simha. UA

Story begins with Nayanathara finding her new born is missing from her hospital bed.

Scene cut to Vizag Railway station. Balakrishna enters the scene. He is carrying a baby in his hands.

As titles roll on, "Andala lokam" song is going on. The song is shot on NBK and baby boy.

Story now shifts to Kumbakonam in Tamilnadu.

Brahmanandam has entered in the story. Old style of comedy is progressing.

Balakrishna has joined as driver in Murali Mohan's house. Murali Mohan's daughter is Natasha, a drug junkie.

Brother of Kumbakonam's local gang leader Kaniyappan (Balakrishna) gets hurt in a road accident. The accident was done by Natasha but Balakrishna takes the blame on him.

Movie is totally progressing with old and outdated scenes.

Now comes "Ammakutti Ammakutti" song. Shot on NBK and Natasha.

Local ACP insults poojaris. Balakrishna teaches him a lesson. A big scene involving hundreds of Brahmins is shot well.

Nayanathara appears again. This time she is seen as Gowri, a pre-school owner in Kumbakonam.

Kaniyappan's brother dies in hospital. ACP arrests Balakrishna.

Movie is heading towards interval.

Nayanathara and Balakrishna come face to face. Twist is revealed that Nayanathara is wife of ACP. Interval.

First Half Report: Other than interval twist, movie is completely cliched. Old style stuff.

Second half begins with the flashback story of NBK and Nayanathara. 3 years back in Vizag.....

Now it is time for "Priyam Jagam...." song shot on Balakrishna and Nayanathara.

Now it is revealed that Balakrishna is a mechanic in Vizag.

Ashutosh Rana, a political leader in Vizag, vows to take kill Balakrishna as his son committed suicide when Balakrishna insults him.

A major fight sequence involving Ashutosh Rana and Balakrishna is going on.

Difference between Prakash Raj, Nayanathara's father and Balakrishna. Movie is heading towards major twist.

The reason why Nayanathara and Balakrishna broke up is established.

Another song "Yevevo....". This song on Balakrishna and Haripriya who just got married to each other.

Sentiment scenes are going on. 

End of flashback. Now story is heading towards climax.

Both Kaniyappan of Kumbakonam and Vizag political leader come together to take revenge on Balakrishna.

Final fight sequence.



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