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Rao Ramesh Becomes Too Costly!

Rao Ramesh is the most sought after actor in Tollywood right now. He has replaced the actors like Prakash Raj and has become essential to all the big movies today. 

Many movies or dull scenes are elevated by his impeccable acting style. Hence all the directors are after him.

As he realized the writers and directors have started creating special roles for him and producers are after his dates, the actor-in-demand has hiked the remuneration triple.

He is now reportedly demanding Rs 2.50 – 3 lacs per a single day call sheet. He used to take around Rs one lac per single day.

Since he can play negative roles as well as character roles with great ease like Prakash Raj used to do in the past, big producers and directors are not complaining with his quote of remuneration. But small movies will suffer with his remuneration as they may have to shell Rs 1 Cr if he acts for nearly 35 days.  

He has become too costly for small movie producers.



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