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Andhra or America, Brazenness Unlimited!

Euphoria shown by educated Telugu engineers and doctors in the commotion of welcoming an unconstitutional power called Lokesh Nara, touring USA with government provided IAS officers parleys with Vijayawada MLA Bonda Uma’s son brazen display in his birthday celebrations.

Displaying power of arrogance, showing their big muscle parading noisy motor bikes, riding, hanging on SUVs. In various cities across the US, in order to show their allegiance to a son of a chief minister, so called well educated Telugu people, in the hunch mortgaged self-respect to stoop to the level of rowdy sheeters of Vijayawada. 

Open defiance and arrogance is the mantra of TDP ruling class, inscribed in their leaders and their sons and now spread to their supporters wherever they are and whatever may be their educational background.

Is there a sense in arranging such medieval display of allegiance in the country like USA where motor vehicle laws are well observed and value for the life is considered high and even President of the US and heads of other countries do not have these kinds of open display of crude and uncivilized open top supporters, which made mockery of telugu people’s self-respect in the eyes of fellow Indians and Americans alike.

A choreographed image building tour for the young prince starting with statesman type meeting with Obama, by paying 30000 dollars for a photo op for himself and two government officials who accompanied him and drumming it up in vernacular Andhra media and later followed by whirlwind image building amongst congregation of telugu people across USA to impose and create an atmosphere of his great leadership to plunge him into active politics in Andhra Pradesh.

Gone are the days, those chauvinistic dirty tricks are no longer tolerated and well understood by alert people of Andhra Pradesh.

A few of serious questions to be asked are

1. Who paid for these dinner tickets worth 30 thousand dollars, helicopter rides across the country, and for what undue favors?

2. If in fact someone else paid all this obscene money, how would Lokesh try to get publicity for himself?

3. Does he collect huge amount of money to up his popularity, sidestepping the original purpose, which is to take care of the welfare of TDP foot soldiers?

A word of wisdom to the Telugu NRIs trying to impress upon the great prince by running with convoy and brazen rowdy hanging on to vehicles, in the process you are not only bringing down your self-respect but also of the fellow Indians.

Please behave like educated and stop this drama of trying to be in the good books of the spoiled brat, that is Nara Lokesh!

By: Rangaraju Omkaram, Social Media Chair (YSRCP – USA)
Gurava Reddy, Convener (YSRCP – USA)

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