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    Minneapolis - Nawabi HYDERABAD HOUSE Grand Opening
    If you ever had the desire to eat an entire meal with your family or friends ending with the new art of finger licking...don't miss your presence - Please visit our Nawabi Hyderabad House Biryani Place in Minneapolis first ever place with 18 varieties of biryani's depicting the Indian kitchens together in one place.
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    Work full time while earning your MBA or MSIS!
    Gaining work experience while studying is the best way to become a highly skilled worker.
    Special Article: NRIs - Medicare
    Medicare program can assist senior citizens in paying most health-care costs like regular doctor's visits, hospital stays, prescription drugs, rehabilitative services including catastrophic illness situations.
    A Big Thanks to the People of Dallas - Texas
    Film Star Events LLC in association with Tirumala Productions and SCIFT Digital Media is proudly announcing that the first season of Film Star Events ticket discount sale turned out as a grand success.
    Astrology: Your horoscope for the week starting Apr 15
    People may need you in solving their issues. Sometimes you may feel that you are not receiving attention from the near ones.
    MAA Silver Jubilee Celebrations - Coupon Code MEGA40
    MAA silver Jubilee Celebrations, offering fans a unique opportunity to catch the glimpse of their favorite celebrities and come face-to-face with them LIVE!!
    Amithi's Exclusive Spring Special Trunk Shows in NJ
    Amithiís Designerís Exclusive is hosting a Spring Special trunk shows in Plainsboro, NJ and Mount Laurel, NJ. Amithiís carries designer labels like Architha Narayanam, Ashwini Reddy, Monk by Madhu, RAAMZ, etc.
    Employment Background Checks - HRChex.com
    Finding qualified employees for your company is always a challenge. ďAnd what you see is not always what you get.Ē Background checks play a vital role in finding and selecting the right employees for your organization.
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    Sad news about Dr V Harnatha Reddy
    Haranatha (VH) Reddy, a pediatrician and long-standing resident of Scottsboro, Alabama passed away friday after a prolonged battle with Parkinsonís Disease in Nashville, Tennessee at the age of 80.
    Astrology: Your horoscope for the week starting Apr 8
    Splendid time with friends and siblings vanish all the tensions and stress. Donít be so in secured that let, all the good opportunities go away from your hands.
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    'Layoff on H1-B'
    There have been a lot of denials for H-1B petitions due to Level 1 Wages and Specialty Occupation issues. Computer Systems Analysts and Software Developers are the most affected H-1B occupations.
    Astrology: Your horoscope for the week starting Apr 1st
    Hasty thinking may lead to short-temper and aggressiveness that may lead to wrong decisions. Think twice before speaking anything. Avoid disagreements and arguments. Donít begin any schemes which may run out of interest before they complete.
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